Jan 18, 2018



For all who like to travel, for all who like great photography, if you want to read first hand accounts of a world traveler and photographer, click on the link above and sign up for posts from Anna Mazurek. 

I found this blog and website 2 or 3 years ago when researching travel to Montana. I ran across one of her blog posts and have been a subscriber to Anna's updates since then.  

A random connection via the universe and certainly a delight ! 

Anna writes well and her photography is amazing. She's been to many places I want to visit and if you send her questions via the blog, she definitely responds. I've exchanged a few emails with her over the past years. 

I was excited to see her post from a few days ago, MY NEXT BIG ADVENTURE. Even though I don't know Anna personally, I'm excited for her. She is realizing a life long dream and setting off to travel for an entire year. Her starting point Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Best Wishes Anna !