Jan 30, 2018

Three Updates

# 1 

Morgan Sofia, the tough ol gal that she is, I’m happy to report is doing well. She’s been enjoying her mashed potato protocol since the ceramic bowl incident on Sunday evening, along with celery treats and lots of water. And Maddie is loving everything about the soft foods they’re both eating, and she is being a wonderful, supportive sister. 

There is no sign of bleeding.  Morgan did pass a tiny piece of the bowl. For inquiring minds, the piece was  the size of ½ of a tip of a pen or pencil, tiny tiny. Both the ER vet and her local vet called Monday to check on her.   And thanks for all the family and friends texts and emails and calls regarding Morgan Sofia.  Her annual check up is next week so she is going to the vet again on Wednesday and she will start physical therapy, “treadmill in a water tank” the following week for the weakness in her back legs due to her condition of degenerative myelopathy.   The goal is to keep her up on her back legs for as long as possible. 


Today I was going to write an update about the book The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs. I finished the book yesterday and if I had to write something today, it would be tough. The book is so many things, as the subtitle clearly tells, it’s a Memoir of Living and Dying.

 Anyone interested in the human experience, how one manages life, love, family, children, parents, siblings, friends, faith, emotions, breathing, eating, waking, and all the activity and energy focused on treatment and medications, all that is involved when dealing with a terminal diagnosis, this is a book to read.  I need to a few days to think about all the reactions, thoughts, observations, emotions I've had about everything that Nina Riggs wrote about. 

I definitely recommend reading this book and if you haven’t read When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi, you should read that one also.  Both will tug and pull at your heart !


 No bike ride today, the high was in the mid 50’s and the wind is blowing too strong. Thursday and Friday the area weather is back in the high 60’s – almost 70’s.  And as of this weekend, we are six weeks away from Daylight Savings time, soon there will be more daylight hours to enjoy the wonderful Florida outdoors.  Daylight savings starts on March 11th.