Jan 11, 2018

The St. Johns River Ferry

Jacksonville has a river ferry. For the longest time I wanted to drive out to Mayport and take the ferry across the river and finally the week after Christmas I was able to experience the ferry on a very cold and very windy day in Jacksonville. 

Because it takes time to queue to get on the Ferry and the ride across the river is so short, I'm certain most people take the longer route to go north, via interstate 95. And if they want to drive on the coast, then all they have to do is take whatever exit makes sense to get back at the coast and A1A. 

The St. Johns River Ferry is a car and passenger ferry that connects the north and south ends of Florida State Road A1A in Duval County, linking Mayport Village and Fort George Island via a pleasant and short sail across the St. Johns River. 

The 0.9 mile voyage crosses the St. Johns River 2.5 miles inland of the river’s mouth and departs every half hour. It cost $6 per car under 20 feet long and $1 per each additional passenger.  The ferry ride across the river takes about 5 to 7 minutes. 

In the second photo below, the ferry crosses where the blue circle is over to Fort George Island.  On a warm day if I wasn't afraid of critters in the water, I could probably swim the distance across. 

North of Fort George Island is Little and Big Talbot Islands, both with state parks. These are 2 of the few remaining undeveloped barrier islands off the coast of Florida. There are dune like hills and then the beaches are wide expanses of packed grey sand and they go for miles and miles.   The last picture below is of Little Talbot Island Beach. From my front door to that beach, it is 40 minutes.  As soon as the Arctic Cold Blasts stop coming all the way to north Florida, I will plan a day of bike riding at Little Talbot Island. Dogs are strictly prohibited on the beaches there so Maddie and Morgan will have to stay home. 

Little Talbot Island - The Beach