Jan 5, 2018

Thanks Isabel

One of my sister's neighbors, Isabel, (she and her her husband, Art, live right across the street from Ana and Parker), made homemade Sandies for the holidays and guess what, I got some.  

I was thrilled to find out from Ana that Isabel sent home a tin of cookies with Ana and Parker, the eve of 12/22 and one of the types of cookies Isabel makes every year: Sandies ! ! 

Ana and Parker graciously shared the cookies with me and I was delighted to have some to enjoy this year.  

I sent Isabel a wonderful thank you and included a copy of my blog post from a few weeks back remembering these wonderful cookies. 

Amazing how the "cookie karma" manifested itself this year !  

I had not had Sandies for many years.  I was like a kid, happy to enjoy each and every one that Ana and Parker shared with me. 

Thanks Isabel 

Thank you Very Much  ! !