Jan 28, 2018

Postcards from the Beach

The Beach 

Jacksonville Beach at low tide, 11:30am, perfect mix of sun and clouds. The sun and the clouds were actually having the back and forth dialogue, "You get out, no you start shinning, no you blow away, no you shine like your supposed to", the ride was a mix of bursts of sun and blankets of cool shade. It was perfect. If you get to the beach at low tide there is a wide expanse of hard packed sand, the perfect riding surface and it allows you to ride very close to the water. 


The People 

As far as people watching, every representation of humanity was at the beach today. Young, old, couples, singles, families, locals, surfers, people fishing, many absorbed in the activity of taking the perfect selfie.  Some people came from somewhere very cold, they were actually in the water, and happy. 

I saw a couple hugging, it was a goodbye hug, goodbye to something, someone, an idea, a life, a house, who knows..... they held each other for the longest time and then in exaggerated slow motion let go and stood still, close. I was captured by the momentary show of force in the simplest of gestures between the two. 

Not sure where the best people watching is, the beach or the airport. The man in the kilt made me smile.  He was happy, walking briskly, I spied this photo of him as I rode by.  His skirt seemed very thick, he must of been hot. 

And yes there is always the solitary person "shore fishing".  He had two poles in the water and sat quiet and still. Waiting, contemplating, dreaming ! 


I absolutely love the personality of the beach at low tide. It's as if the ocean purposely plans all the delights and surprises it leaves in the sand. The receding sea creates masterpieces of patterns, miniature canyons that become a highway of veins carrying tiny rivers of sea water to the ocean.  

I love patterns and I delight in the fact that they are indeed everywhere.  I especially like the extremely shallow pools that form, the bottom of the pools lined with beautiful drifts, thousands of tiny, delicate drifts, sculpted by the receding tide. An daily show of art ! 

Today there were large globs of sea foam floating to and fro, being pushed towards the shore and away from the shore by the waves. I tried to ride as close as I could and was taken by the shapes, sizes and the movement of the foam.  It was a foam ballet.  If I had a macro camera lens to photograph the bubbles in the foam I could have been there all day. Some bubbles radiated like diamonds, some like an explosion of rainbows, and some were brown and grungy like day old snow shoveled at the curb. 

And then there are the shells. Shells, shells, shells, everywhere shells. Today I focused on the color pink. You dont' see it very often, true baby pink. There is always white, orange, brown, even dark grey shells, and lots of cream. The color pink, true pink I did not see too often today. 

Yes I'm a Girl Scout, my bike is equipped with three gears, a basket, a bell, a mileage and time tracker and a mirror. What I'm missing, a cool cup or drink holder, I've seen all kinds at the beach. One day I will add one, I've seen some  shaped like a half coconut, sporting the tropical tiki look and feel. Certainly I can be practical and have some fun all at the same time.  

This is a short video, 20+ seconds, riding as close to the water as I could.