Jan 1, 2018


This really did happen, I'm not making this up. 

Yesterday I was at church, Southpoint Community Church in Jacksonville, and seated behind me where three children, ages probably 10 to about 14. There were 2 boys and a girl, the girl was the oldest. 

I think they were all siblings, I'm not sure where the parents were. I knew they were there behind because during the praise and worship, one of the children, the smallest boy, he sang at the top of his vocal chords, happy and in tune with the song.  

By the sound and passion of his voice I knew he was happy to be in church, happy to be signing.  When we all sat down and did the Greet your Neighbor handshakes, I turned around and congratulated him for being such a great singer.  He smiled and shook my hand like he meant it ! 

Pastor Russ Austin then shared the word of God, his message on Sunday 12/31/2017,  about being in the threshold, between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 and what our focus as a church and as members of Southpoint should be going forward.  The message was much more eloquent than I'm summarizing, as you can imagine the world RESOLUTION came up a few times. 

The little boy behind me whispered at least two times, MY REVOLUTION IS TO HAVE A GOOD TIME AT THE PARTY.  "My revolution" he said ..... and I got the biggest smile in my heart.  

The little boy I'm sure was keeping up somewhat with all that Pastor Russ was sharing, when it came time to consider resolutions, he was sure that his consideration was a REVOLUTION.  And the way he said it, with the same vigor and light that he had in his voice when he was singing.  

I can only imagine that he was going to a family party of sorts after the service, perhaps at the end of the day and he was planning on having a great time. He certainly was sure that was his REVOLUTION. 

Pastor Russ also talked about being thankful, truly being thankful, considering all the good, all the blessings, all the comforts, benefits, freedoms we all have in this great country, his message to be sure that we were really thankful, and not just at the end of the year, but everyday.  Again the message was much more eloquent, I'm capturing the overall theme. 

I jotted down my list as the service continued; these are the things that came top of mind that I'm grateful for everyday: 


FAMILY including DOGS 






THE OCEAN, especially at low tide when 
I can ride my bike right next to the water's edge 








I'm sure if I had to consider this list with more time, it would certainly expand. 

Wherever you are today it is my sincerest hope that you have a wonderful new year ahead.  And that your own personal list of what you are grateful for is top of mind and present and that your heart is filled with love and light ! !  


Today in Jacksonville, it is cold cold cold. The coldest it's been since I moved here in August of 2016. I actually got a wind chill advisory on my phone. I'm including a partial screen shot, the temperature range forecasted with the wind, is 15 to 25 degrees above zero.  COLD, COLD, COLD. Thank goodness Maddie and Morgan have thick coats.  


It's gloves, scarves and hat weather for sure ! ! 

HAPPY NEW YEARS 2018 ! ! !