Jan 23, 2018



This movie is about many things and yet when I left the theatre, I wasn't sure what the movie was about.  Daniel Day-Lewis plays a high fashion dress designer, Reynolds Woodcock, in post war London in the 1950's. He is a confirmed bachelor and runs his design business with his sister, Cyril, who is played by Leslie Manville. She is amazing in the movie. 

The Day-Lewis character is complex and simple at the same time. He set in his ways with specific routines, likes and dislikes, all his quirks having great meaning and control in his life. And his sister, who is also not married in the story, protects him and guards him fiercely. She has to keep the designer designing

The movie is about creativity, imagination, love, deceit, solitude, artifice, control, and yes evil makes it way in the story in a very subtle way. It's almost as if the director wants the audience to be OK or to be forgiving of the bad and the ugly that happens in the movie. Depends on how the audience interprets was is going on between Reynolds, the designer and his muse, Alma. 

There is also great dialogue in the movie, very poignant conversations with few words that get the audience engaged. And the ending, well I won't spoil the ending. 

Certainly the acting is superb. Day-Lewis is extremely handsome and proper in his role and he wears amazing clothes, even his pajamas are fancy. The young lady who becomes his muse, Alma, is very good in her role. She is Vicky Kreips, an actress from Luxembourg. She challenges Reynolds and there is both good and bad in their conflicts. The scene at breakfast, one of my favorites.  

If you love movies all types of movies, certainly this is one to see. It wasn't one of my favorites. 

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Vicky Krieps and Daniel Day-Lewis