Jan 9, 2018

@ The Movies - DARKEST HOUR


This was a tough movie to watch. Not only is the overall subject matter dark,  the movie itself, most of the shots are in rooms and/or bunkers or hallways that are dark, dark, dark. Certainly fluorescent lighting was not available in 1940. The movie is about history, it's a Hollywood documentary of sorts.  So it's not meant to "entertain" as much as it is meant to "inform" the audience. 

This is a movie about so many things, first and foremost about the conviction of one man, Winston Churchill, who in the face of great odds, stood up to Hitler.  The film is the span of a few days in May of 1940 when Neville Chamberlain is replaced as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by Winston Churchill.  

Gary Oldman 

The actor, Gary Oldman does a remarkable job of being Winston. And the movie certainly gives you a view into the life of a man on the brink of history, all of his waking hours, his time with his family, his visits with King George and his fierce power battles with his generals and war cabinet. 

I was surprised how much he drank in the movie, at one point King George asks him how he manages to drink so much scotch during the day, Winston replies: With great practice !  

I was also taken by the noticing the absence of electronics and technology.  The MAP ROOM where the advances of Hitler were being tracked, it was all pins and tiny red flags on a big map on a wall.  

Everything was manual, even the typewriter has a big role in this movie.  All of the scenes were a stark reality of how something as sophisticated and complex as a war was decided by information that certainly was not time stamped and up to the minute as things are today. 

Certainly it was a different world then. And to think what could have happened if Churchill did not stand his ground. I certainly recommend this movie. 

This past week, Gary Oldman received the 2018 Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a dramatic movie and certainly he is deserving.  He is amazing in the role.  

The role of the wife is played by Kristen Scott Thomas. 
She is a great actress. 

The actor who played King George IV, Ben Mendelsohn, 
was a perfect cast.