Jan 14, 2018



I waited until the end of the day to type up this post in hopes the Jacksonville Jaguars would win their game today against the Pittsburg Steelers and indeed they did.  It's fun to be part of a city that is so happy, so energized, so enthusiastic about the local team. 

The entire 6:30 newscast on all the channels in Jacksonville were dedicated to covering and reporting every angle of the Jaguars win today.  There was reporting and coverage from the stadium in Pittsburg, to bars and restaurants in Jacksonville, to the stadium in Jacksonville were their is a homecoming rally to greet the team when they arrive back in Jacksonville around 9:30pm. 

One reason for all the collective excitement, Jacksonville is a relatively small city, 800,000 residents and about 99% of them support the local team. The other reason everyone is so excited, the Jaguars last year only won 3 games the entire season, yes 3 games. Their turn around this season, remarkable ! 

The Jaguars are now headed to New England next Sunday to face the mighty Patriots Machine, lead by the one and only Tom Brady, yes the Super Bowl Champs from last year.  

I've always liked football. I was a huge San Diego Chargers fan back in the day. Back when Dan Fouts was quarterback and Junior Seau, the amazing linebacker. I never followed the Atlanta Falcons too closely. I'm definitely supporting and rooting for the Jaguars. 

It was great to watch such an exciting game today. And the best part, for the first time ever in my life, I watched an entire football game with my sister, Ana. 

Imagine that, Ana and Parker got on the Jaguar band wagon and watched the game today. One of the reasons:  all the neighbors on their street are extra excited, the wide receivers coach of the Jaguars lives in their neighborhood. So they all have their banners and flags outside of their homes, supporting the local team and Coach Keenan McCardell. 

The New England Patriots will be a significantly tough opponent, however the Jags have an amazing defense and a scrappy yet productive and at times unpredictable offense.  You never know, stranger things have happened.  

The game next Sunday is at 3pm EST.  Whoever wins is then headed to the Super Bowl.  Regardless of who wins, I get to watch another game with my sister, Ana, next week.  GO JAGUARS ! !