Jan 22, 2018

I miss Neil Cavuto

A few months ago, maybe 5 or 6 months go, I surprised myself and discontinued my cable television service with Comcast. Not for any specific reason, primarily curiosity.  And yes the $200 per month bill from Comcast also had something to do with the decision. 

I was curious ...... if no cable television service: 

1- Would the antenna's really work ?

2- What would I miss watching ? 

3- What would I do with time not spent watching television ?

4- What habits would cease ?

5- What new habits would begin ?

6- What the heck was on Amazon Prime ? 

One of the main reasons I actually went ahead with the actual disconnect, the the sales person at Best Buy that helped me with all my antenna questions was amazing, Ben was his name. He reassured me without a doubt that I would be able to go home and hook up the HD Antenna and get the Amazon Prime Service set up with no problems. He also assured me that the User Interface for Amazon Prime was easy to get used to. And Ben was right, everything he told me was exactly as he detailed it. I disconnected the cable and hooked up the HD Antenna and hooked the WIFI to Amazon Prime in about 15 minutes.  And it all works.  

I had to learn some new channel numbers for the local ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. And I had no idea that there were 4 PBS channels.  I love love PBS, there is so much programming and the topics are vast: history, travel, cooking, local features, concerts, documentaries, nature, PBS ROCKS !  

Just last night they had a 2 hour special on the writer, Lorraine Hansberry, it was wonderful.  I had no idea the history of her very short life, she died when she was 34. She is the author of A Raisin in the Sun, which was a Broadway play and also a major motion picture. 

I saw a special in December on Pearl Harbor that was gripping.  I've seen countless shows on tigers and lions, those are my favorite nature type programs to watch.  NPR news with Judy Woodruff is always a straight up news show. And for sure my favorite cooking show, Steve Raichlen's Project Smoke. I'm always hungry after I watch that program. My only challenge with PBS, I haven't figured out where to find the guide for all 4 channels, so what I watch is completely random.  I'm sure there is a guide somewhere, I need to find. 

My must see TV program is CBS 60 Minutes on Sunday and that I get on the local channel.   I miss a few programs from cable channels, Million Dollar Listings New York and Queen of The South. I can't think of any other shows that I'm really missing.  In the late afternoons I would tune into Fox News and watch the Neil Cavuto Show, I got familiar with his show when I visited Marilyn Sward in Arizona, she had Fox news on 24/7 and she was a fan of Neil's show. He comes across as a regular guy, not fancy, not fussy, not verbose, not arrogant, very relaxed delivery. I also used to watch The Five on Fox, but no more. 

Neil Cavuto - Fox News 

Amazon Prime does have some interesting programming, they too are producing their own original shows, like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and movies. My favorite selection on Amazon Prime the channels with the sounds of rain, waves, rivers - the relaxating channels, I love all the selections, so does Maddie.  It's our creative version of white noise. 

With the additional time I have, I read. Usually I have 3 to 4 books checked out from the Jacksonville Library, right now I'm waiting for my HOLD notification to come through.  I have 6 books on hold, three I should get tomorrow.  I forgot how much I love love to read. And I will never run out of books ! I am enjoying reading so much. It like being a kid in a candy store ! ! !  

Will keep you posted on any changes.  It's been good so far !