Dec 15, 2017


Even in retirement I love Friday's.  

Friday opens the door for Saturday and Sunday and the world seems to slow down and lighten up a bit.  

This coming weekend we are back in the mid 70*s  in the Jacksonville area and this means I get to ride my bike at the beach.

I need to check the tide schedule and yes there is an APP for that specific detail on my phone.  Low tide today at Jacksonville Beach is at 12:26pm, perfect time, warmest part of the day.  

This particular Friday is a wonderful day for many reasons. Below are a few and yes, sometimes it's the little things that add up to make one big great wonderful day. 


1_ I'm alive ! I woke up healthy and grateful for LIFE !  


2_ It's warm enough, NO SOCKS ! I get to wear flip flops instead of shoes.


3_ Earlier this morning they played my favorite holiday song while I was walking Maddie at the Town Center, OH HOLY NIGHT.  Gets me teared up every time I hear it. 


4_ When Maddie and I got back home, I asked Alexa to play a salsa station and the first random selection teed up, the classic song, Pedro Navajo by Panama's one and only, Ruben Blades. 


5_ I live in the same zip code as my sister, Ana; today I get to have lunch with Ana and Parker. We'd been waiting for a special day to try a small local french restaurant close to where we live that is supposed to have amazing French Onion Soup. Today in a few hours I get to see my sister Ana and her husband Parker.  

It's is an incredible joy and blessing to be in the same city as one of my siblings. 

I had that joy in Atlanta with Carlos and his wife, Michele  and now in Jacksonville, with Ana and Parker.  Toby will be joining us soon in Jacksonville, hopefully in early 2020.  

Siblings are a gift you get from parents and it's the gift that keeps on giving. I love love love all my siblings: Ana, Rogelio, Carlos and Tobias. Below is photo from a photo shoot we did for a holiday card from Panama, long ago, most likely about 50 years ago. 


6_ I'm in the middle of a wonderful tried and true SPY history book.  And I know that later today I will have time to read, one of my favorite activities.  The book is KING OF SPIES, by Blaine Harden. An account of the "dark reign of America's spymaster in Korea, Donald Nichols."  I had no idea of the history that got us to the North and South Korea of today. The book is fascinating, what Don Nichols was able to accomplish, both good and bad, (and I mean horrific bad) - I simply had no idea.  With all the news today about North Korea and what could potentially happen, I was interested to know how we got to where we are today.   And this book clearly provides the backdrop and history of the Korean war. 


7_ This year I decided to save all the holiday cards I get throughout the week and open them early Friday mornings when I have coffee with the girls. Today I had 5 cards to open and it was great to get news and holiday wishes from family and friends. 


8_ On the Kindness Calendar for today, the suggestion is to pay for someone's hot drink in a cafe.  I will certainly look for this opportunity today, somehow, somewhere. 

The calendar is from Action for Happiness,   I'm including a screen shot for Friday, Saturday and Sunday for this month. Lots of great kindness suggestions and ideas for the 15 days that encompass all the Friday, Saturdays and Sundays this month. 


Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, enjoy your Friday ! !