Dec 1, 2017


December 1st  

I’m have my two favorite holiday Angels ready for December; I’m officially listening to a holiday music station and I even have my holiday greeting cards ready to go, almost. 

That’s my readiness for the holidays and I’m sticking to it.  I did participate this year in the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child.  The two boxes I prepared are now on their way to the country of CHAD. I’m officially ready for the holidays.  

December in Florida: the forecast for the next few days, high 70*s and not a drop of rain in sight.  Maddie and Morgan have been scheduled bath’s today, it’s a perfect day, warm and sunny. Shorts weather in December, I love it !

Today is Friday, the first day of December; the end of the year 30 days away. How does it happen ? 

Who winds up TIME and seemingly makes it go faster.  I’ve always been interested in dates, timeframes, measurement or milestones in time, years, months, days, hours.  Not sure why, well I do know why, I will share the why in another update one day.  I can’t remember names; I can readily remember dates and times for many many events in my life, it’s interesting how we are all wired different.

This month of December of 2017, is the last month of the year I’m 59 years old. 

Celebrating October Birthday's at Ana and Parker's House 

YIKES ! yes this past October I celebrated 59 years. And I’m headed to SIXTY next year, in 2018.  Certainly many have celebrated 60 years.  I’m working on getting used to the idea, certainly it’s a number. 

Yesterday I rode my beach cruiser; I was an excited child in my head and heart, thrilled to be close to the water’s edge.  At low tide, you can ride right next to the water at Jacksonville and Neptune Beach. I did six miles in the sand.  See video below. 

The beach sand on this side of the country on the coast of north Flordia at low tide is almost like cement.  I love love love riding by the water.  And on a weekday, there are very few people at the beach.  

So the last time I posted to VIP was October 3rd

Hmmmmm, the interval of time between then and now, 58 days, way too long.  I won’t share excuses, there are none.  My goal is to sit daily and write, write, write.  I will be back tomorrow.