Dec 3, 2017


Books on hold at JAX library, for AROSEMENA 

Ah .... another gratitude update ! 

I'm so thankful and appreciative that the city leaders of Jacksonville have made the library system and all it's benefits a significant priority for the citizens of Jacksonville. 

The Jacksonville Library is amazing. 

This year the library system in Jacksonville received the best library award in the state of Florida. Among of a field of 800 libraries, the Florida Library Association in 2017 recognized the Jacksonville Library system for all the wonderful programs, education and outreach, the library makes available to Jacksonville. 

I love that they make the reservation and check out process of books and movies and music SO VERY EASY.  You can check out up to 25 titles at one time and keep them for 25 days.  

I make all my reservations online. The books are gathered amongst all the library locations and put on HOLD at the branch that is 1.2 miles from my front door. I often ride my bike to get the books,  if I'm checking out 3 + books I drive, as they all wont fit in the basket on my bike. 

This week I checked out the five titles below. I have to have them all ready by 12/23. Reading is an activity that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.   I will have them all ready by the due date for sure. 

I have a folder where I keep recommend titles. The list goes on and on.

I gather them from all over, recommendations from family and friends, from, from book clubs, from The Week magazine.  If you have a favorite title to recommend, send my way via email. 

Happy Reading ~ ! ! ! 

What I love about reading:

The invitation and RSVP to the love of reading 

The immersion in the story, the characters, the dialogue 

The transport to new places, different times, life experiences different or new 

Holding the book, turning the pages

The language, the writing styles, the breaths of how a story develops 

All the possibilities, the imagination, the history 

Sharing in the excitement of reading and recommending a wonderful book, a compelling memoir, an accomplished writer 

The beginning of books, the first sentence, the first paragraph 

So many titles, so many books, the possibilities !