Sep 12, 2017

Thankful Thankful !

I was so excited for today to come. 

I knew the forecast called for sun and I was so happy to see the bright blue sky this morning when me and the girls got up. 

I knew I was going to ride my bike early, early.  I couldn't wait to get up and complete the Maddie and Morgan daily routine so I could head out on my bike.  Like a little kid almost, I wanted so much to be outside. 

I rode about 4 miles and then came back and rode around the community where I live, checking to see if we had downed trees, checking to see how high the water line was in our inside pond - I was curious.  All seemed to be in order, we did not have any issues, other than branches, twigs and lots of leaves all over. 

So many other parts of Jacksonville, especially by the river are still experiencing flooding. From what I understand, during a major storm or hurricane, the St. John River fills up with storm surge and every time there is high tide - it's like taking 2 steps forward and 1 back, water recedes and then with the high tide water comes right back in.  

The river has a geographic bend that acts like a bottleneck. In the screen shot below, it is the area right below the city name on the map. The river also flows north, this also creates a draw on the river's ability to empty back to it's normal levels. 

So much devastation caused by Harvey and Irma, all over. The islands in the Caribbean, Key West, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, all devastating, and so fast. 

One day there is a forecast for a storm brewing in the Atlantic heading west, and 5 days later, millions of lives are impacted.  It's hard to process.  

My morning bike ride always ends with me checking my mailbox, the mail kiosk in our community is about 5 or 6 buildings away from where I live. And today I had a letter ! ! 

A 4 page, hand written letter from a dear friend across the country.  It was one more reason to be thankful today ! ! 

The blessings of life, family, friends, health, shelter, safety, sunshine and correspondence, I'm thankful and appreciative for all ! 

It was a good day.  

Wherever you are I hope you are doing well.