Sep 8, 2017


WE ARE .....   R E A D Y 

It’s hard to describe, the collective anxiety of a city, the collective shared nerves of a population eight hundred thousand.  You can feel the current no matter where you are, traffic lights, the grocery store, getting a haircut, at dinner with family and friends. 

The shared expectations and perspectives of the hurricane Irma forecast, it’s an invisible and silent language, silver, almost a code of conduct.

Imagine all the citizens and residents of Jacksonville, being inducted into a tribal community and the focus of all is planning, preparation, logistics, considerations, & decisions. 

Everyone’s step seems quicker, everyone’s rationale for staying or evacuating is personal theatre, everyone has their reasons. In a few days time, we’ve all graduated and become junior meteorologist by way of social media, news, radio, The Weather Channel and the winds and clouds.

Since Monday of this week, the city of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach and all surrounding cities have been in full preparation mode for the arrival of Hurricane Irma. It's forecasted to be here late Sunday and for sure all of Monday. Saturday the winds will start increasing at 20 to 30 MPH. 

I’ve not had this experience before and it’s certainly interesting, a bit nerve wracking, so much to digest and consider.  Prior to last year, Jacksonville had not had any hurricane visits in 20 years, yes twenty years. Last October Hurricane Matthew got close to the coast and caused flooding and wind damage in the area as a Category 3 storm, and in 48 hours, we will have Hurricane Irma pass through as it decreases from a Category 4 to a Category 1. 

After much consideration, discussion, planning, preparation, Maddie and Morgan and I are staying.  My neighbors are all staying, my sister, Ana and her husband, Parker they will be 4 miles away. 

We have hope, faith and prayer, and all the supplies we need. 

A full tank of gas, a battery powered weather radio, a charging stick for the cell phone, flash lights, water, ice, coolers, and basic food if we lose power: bread, peanut butter, honey, wonderful organic banana, apples, even Cheerios. And books, I have three books waiting on the night stand.

My biggest worry, the level of noise and sounds that will be generated by the orchestra wind and rains.  Maddie Louise, one of my Corgi’s is very noise sensitive, she will be sporting her Thunder Vest for sure. Morgan is more laid back, she only gets nervous and starts shaking if thunder and lightening are very very close. 

Maddie and Morgan have to be able to do their business outside, I set up a pad with all the necessary materials to recreate being outside, except that the pad area is in the garage.  Maddie and Morgan are familiar with this set up, they have this when they stay with Cindy in Atlanta, as her place is on the 4th floor of her building. 

I wish I could explain to them that the storm will pass, Maddie I know will be right by my side the entire time. 

Today I’m trying to have as regular a day as possible, I’m purposefully not watching any weather updates, forecasts, top of the news programs. I’m overloaded with information on anything and everything regarding the storm. 

It’s horrible to know all that’s happened in the path of the hurricane so far, death destruction, lives changed forever from one day to the next.  Today I’m focused on a regular day.

I appreciate all the emails, phone calls and texts regarding how I’m doing with the girls, Maddie and Morgan.  Today is actually Maddie’s 12th Birthday we had a special walk this morning.  Morgan is still recuperating from limping, so she stayed home and rested.

Thanks to all who are thinking of us.  

Thanks Thanks Thanks ! !

As long as I have power and internet, I will post an IRMA update everyday.