Aug 2, 2017

When The Patient Can't Speak

M O R G A N   S O F I A 

Patient Summary

Morgan Sofia is a tri-color female Welsh Corgi.  She is 12.5 years old, weighs 22.4 lbs. She has been experiencing a limp, lameness in her right front limb since the early morning of June 23rd.   

There is no specific event noted or witnessed that caused the limping.  Morgan Sofia tested positive for DM Degenerative Myelopathy in March of 2017. This condition usually manifest itself in the patient with noticeable tremors in her back legs, usually after she has had some level of activity.

Today is August 2nd,  2017. 

It’s been 33 days since Morgan started limping and how I wish she could talk.  

She’s been to three veterinarians; 4 x-rays and 1 ultrasound later she was diagnosed with mild tendonopathy.  Her left front bicep tendon sheath and supraspinatus were injected with 20 mgs. of DepoMedrol.  

No noticeable improvement was noted after the injection on 7/14 or any day since then. 

Oh how I wish Morgan could talk. 

Morgan and Maddie 

Morgan is now seeing a wellness veterinarian in Jacksonville and has received 5 laser treatments and 2 acupuncture treatments, she is still limping.  The vet today was surprised that there is no noticeable improvement, and at the same time, because the patient cant’ speak, we are not 100% sure when the issue in the front left limb started. Morgan could have been in pain and discomfort long before the June 23rd date when the limping began, long before. 

Morgan Sofia has been a trooper through all of this.  Her walking has been significantly restricted. She basically goes to and from her water bowl, her bed and her place in the kitchen where she eats her breakfast and dinner everyday.  

Morgan now rides around the Mirabella community in her super duper RED WAGON, when she goes out to do her business. Thanks to Uncle Toby who sent the wagon from CA, Morgan is riding in style everyday.  She’s gotten used to the wagon and enjoys her rides especially when Maddie joins her sometimes.

Thanks to all who’ve sent, called, texted well wishes for Morgan Sofia. Today she had 12 acupuncture needles in her for 10 minutes, hopefully the addition of this treatment modality will trigger something in her cells to get better.  Per her physical exam today, the veterinarian noted the inflammation has gone down.

Morgan is still Morgan. 

She will not miss a meal, her celery treats and she loves loves her tummy rubs. Maddie continues to be a loving sister, she is very patient with Morgan. The day Morgan came back from the vet a bit woozy from her ultrasound and injection, Maddie sat and guarded Morgan for 2 or 3 hours. She wanted to be sure her sister was OK.  It was so so sweet.

The day of the injection, Morgan sound asleep
and Maddie by her side keeping her company
for 2 or 3 hours. 

Sisters... Maddie Louise & Morgan Sofia
Always An Adventure