Aug 17, 2017

The United States of America

Everyday I hope that an unexpected voice of reason and wisdom will come forth into the world, specifically into the psyche of America. 

A voice of experience, leadership, hope, someone that can create and give life to emotional and functional guardrails of sorts to move the national sentiment in this country towards a better place.   

A better place where people can have civil discourse, where there is conversation, discussion, debate and then movement towards objectives, goals and actions.  

A place that does not allow hate to be a guest.  A place where the past is not ignored; a place where the present day and the future is the focus. 

As a country, do we go to the brink of ugliness and horror in America to then finally pivot and try to be civil as a nation ?   Are we there at the brink, what will be the tipping point ?

Do we need more deaths, more tweets, an impeachment, a resignation, what will it take ? 

Do we need North Korea to obliterate Guam, so we have a distraction on such a grand level that hate on the streets of our cities will become inconsequential ?

Who could that person be, could it be a couple of people who join forces, is there a voice out there ? Is it a current leader in government, an artist, a group of artist, some favored social commentator?  

Is there a voice or a message that could actually be heard ?  Perhaps we need a challenge, something that catches on and people want to do, try, share ?

Maybe something as easy as a song, an anthem ?  Could there be a chorus, a psychological parade of sorts,  that people could join in with, follow, duplicate in their hometowns, to bring about civility.  

Or is hate like mold, as long as there is people breathing, there will always be hate.

Who teaches children to hate, who fixes them a bowl of Cherrios in the morning and serves it up with a side of rancor ?  What parents actually do this ?

Where are these children born, raised, children who then grow up to be adults, who readily put on body armor and cover up their faces and wield sticks and stones in the streets of America ? 

If I could change anything, right now, immediately, today, I would blow up the platform and technology that allows TWEETS.  We need conversation, not 140 characters traveling through fiber networks and satellites showing up stark and in tiny print on a device with no voice, no emotion, no intellect.   

The vacuum of leadership in this country, our own worst enemy.

I read an article yesterday whose only purpose was to quote tweets, nothing else.  The article did not suggest any path towards solutions, any ideas of how the politicians could work together, stand together, nothing; it was paragraph after paragraph, “He said, She said.”  The messaging platform, a giant invisible playground for elected leaders to be  7th graders….  !   

What happened ?

Has governing in this country always been a farce, a skit, a comedy of sorts and prior administrations, along with the Congress and Senate simply did a better job orchestrating the illusion of a country governed by the people and for the people ?

I’m frustrated, I’m saddened. 

I know horrible things are happening all over the world: injustice, poverty, dictatorships, famine, oppression, corruption, discrimination, the trafficking of humans, all horrible, horrible, deplorable things. 

In the past I found some tiny degree of comfort thinking that America as a country, was the leader of the world, a country that set the example and did everything possible to combat horror, and oppression and hate.

America, a country that was willing to push, pull, negotiate, impress, suggest, variations of democracy, of civility, always working towards (however possible) the recognition and value of humanity.  

Maybe it’s all been a charade.  I can hope and leave open every door ! 

Emily Dickinson