Aug 15, 2017

Morgan Sofia, Always Something ....

Mr. Bear 

Two nights ago, I got up around 11pm, checking on Maddie and Morgan.  

Morgan usually walks to and from the water bowl late in the night. Before I turn off the lights,  I always like to know where they both are before we all go to sleep sleep for sure. 

I always do a bed check of sorts with both girls. Maddie is 99% of the time under the bed, she is easy to confirm. 

Back to Morgan on Sunday night, I panicked, I could not find her. The place we live in is small, one floor; I know all her usual spots. I looked everywhere. I could not find Morgan. I  even called for her in the garage.  

I panicked for about a 90 seconds, how could I lose Morgan in the house ?  I checked the closets, under both beds, behind the sofa, where could she be ? 

Maddie was sound asleep under the bed, I was trying to be calm. I was trying to figure out where she could be. 

And then I turned the hallway light on and found her asleep in the bin that holds all the balls and toys, she was sound asleep, happy, calm.  

Like any relieved MOM, I called her name excited to find her and woke her up. She was hard to see, #1 her coat is dark, and #2 the toy bin is in a cubby hole, where a desk chair would go under a desk. 

It's a perfect spot for the toys, always there, available, but out of the way.  And there she was, Morgan, sound asleep, happy. It was like she'd been sleeping there for years.  Her all time favorite green ball right next to her. 


The toys are in a dog bed of sorts, it's always been the toy bin for years, at least 7 or 8 or 9 years and Morgan have never slept in the bed, with the toys and the balls, never. 

I wish I could talk to her and figure out what is going on, as of late she's been even more independent and aloof than her normal big personality Corgi self. 

Morgan is definitely getting older, she is in her senior years, she will be 13 in January. When we first moved to Jacksonville, she used to have a favorite spot to sleep right by the bed, now she is all over the house.  She loves the cool tile, though often she will alternate a few hours on the tile, a few hours on her pillow bed.  And every once in a blue moon, she will ask me to put her in the bed right next to me. 

She seems restless, I can only imagine that limping for almost 2 months has to be bothering her. She does not get her usual daily walks, she's gotten used to riding around in the red wagon, but she is not happy not walking. 

Many nights I lay on the floor right next her and look in her eyes and tell her how much I love her.  I speak softly and with as much love as a human can communicate to a canine. 

Their usual beds, Mr. Bear always close by 

I tell Morgan she is the best big sister, Corgi ever.  She is the best Corgi soccer player ever and she is definitely the most willful loving Corgi ever.  

Next week we are going to see a veterinarian in Atlanta, at Blue Pearl, the same facility where she had heart surgery when she was 16 weeks old. Dr. Alan Cross specializes in orthopedic care; I want to be sure he agrees with diagnosis from the vet here in Jacksonville and certainly discuss what else can be done. The steroid injection, the laser and the acupuncture treatments have not worked. 

More to come.  

I honestly don't know how Mother's manage all they have to with children. 
I would have lost my mind by now.  

I wish I could have asked my MOM about being a MOM.  

BRAVO BRAVO and CHEERS to all the MOM's of the world. You indeed have the toughest and most amazing responsibility ever. 

I love you Morgan Sofia.  Your MOM, E