Aug 3, 2017


Tia Laura and Carlos, (her godson) in Panama 2012 

If everyone could be so fortunate to have a Tia Laura in their lives. 

Today Tia Laura De Alba is celebrating her 89th birthday in Panama. She is so very dear to our family, so very very dear.  And she is indeed 89 years young. She was born the same year as our Mother, JoAnn. 

Tia Laura and her husband, Tio Eduardo de Alba lived in the Panama Canal Zone long long ago, when both Tio Eduardo and our Dad worked as medical doctors at the Gorgas Hospital in the Panama Canal Zone. 

Our families go way way back, the Canal Zone days were around 1957 when my parents moved to Panama from Rochester, MN. Ana and Roger were babies.  I wasn't even born then.  The De Alba's have 3 children, Eduardo, Enrique and Eugenia.  The boys were older, Eugenia and Ana are the same age. 

The day Carlos was baptized in Panama in 1961

Arosemena Family visiting Tia Laura in Panama in 2012 

The De Alba's were dear friends of my parents. When our MOM passed in 1974, Tia Laura never never ever forgot a milestone date in our family. She kept track of all of our birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, promotions, moves, everything. There was always a card, a gift, a phone call. She is an amazing lady, loved by many in Panama.  And on every visit to Panama throughout the years, there has always been a date with Tia Laura. Lunch, dinner, or cocktails on her balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We are already making plans to see her and her family in December. 

It's hard to put into words the comfort that comes with knowing that she knew our MOM very well and she always remembers her and also my DAD.  Tia Laura fills all of our hearts with an extended maternal love that is hard to convey and explain.  

Her love is powerful, present, she always knew what to say, when to call, how to sincerely share how much she cares for all of us. 

Ana and I called Tia Laura yesterday and had a nice conversation. She is celebrating her birthday this year with her entire family, all the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

Tia Laura is loved dearly by all of us in our family. Carlos and her have an extra special bond.  We all consider her a blessing in our lives. We are forever grateful for her love and friendship. 

Felicidades Siempre Tia Laura ! !