Aug 16, 2017


Leticia Arosemena Cuadrado 
Born July 12th, 2017
Panama City, Panama 

Yes, I'm officially a Tia Abuela.  

Danny Arosemena, the son of our first cousin, Raul Arosemena, Danny and Andrea welcomed their baby girl, Leticia Arosemena Cuadrado, to the world in Panama on July 12th, 2017. 

I'm happy, thrilled, excited for the life of Leticia and her parents, grandparents, and all in her extended family.  

Leticia is loved by many.  It will be wonderful to follow her progress (thanks to WhatsApp) the photos and videos are so easy to share.  I look forward to meeting Leticia in Panama soon. 

I shared with Danny and Andrea how wonderful it will be to witness the growth of their daughter, she is the 6th generation of the Arosemena family that I will have met in my lifetime. 

When Leticia is 10 years old, I will be almost 70 and I get to be Tia Elena for another generation. I'm looking forward to getting to know Leticia. 

The world will be much different 10 years from now;l  what I know for sure about Leticia is that she is blessed with amazing, wonderful, loving, smart, parents. What a wonderful life Leticia has ahead of her, one day at a time. 

Congratulations to Andrea and Danny on the birth of your daughter, Leticia ! ! 

Love you !  Tia Elena 

Parents: Andrea and Raul (Danny) Arosemena
Photo from March 2015, the day Danny proposed in Colombia 


My cousin, Raul and his wife, Patty
They are 1st time Grandparents !