May 27, 2017

7 Years Old - Tia Angelica

The world would definitely be a better place if everyone had to spend time with a 7 year old on a consistent basis.  

Tia Angelica is the little girl whose first grade class I helped chaperone on an outing to the Jacksonville Zoo at the end of March. And then a few weeks later we went to see Disney on Ice. 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of celebrating Tia Angelica's Birthday (a day early) with Aunt Crystal at Adventure Landing, a Jacksonville destination with all the activities you can imagine: water park, arcade, mini-golf, Go Karts, bowling and even laser tag.  

I met Tia and Crystal at 11am.  Since most of the kids in the area are still in school, it was not too crowed.  Noisy yes, but not crowded. 

Aunt Crystal and Tia Angelica 

One of the many things I love about Tia: she is bright, she speaks her mind and she is filled with LIGHT.  Her eyes are expressions of tenderness, love, curiosity, fun and yes even playful mischief.  

Tia pays attention and she wants to take it all in. She was so excited in the arcade area of Adventure Landing, there were lights flashing music playing, wheels spinning, machines playing videos, making all kinds of sounds, bangs, whistles; she was taking it all in, enjoying every minute.  

Tia is always thinking, positing ideas, suggestions; at lunch while having pizza, she was already suggesting to Crystal that she wanted a Happy Meal later in the day for dinner.  

Tia is well behaved, she listens and she participates in great conversation. You definitely know what she is thinking and considering.  Yesterday we talked about books, about what she will do on summer vacation and her swim party today, as she informed me, from 2 to 6pm. She also was sure to tell me that her DAD had taken extra care to get the pool ready and that her dog, does not like to swim. And that Sarah, her best friend is one of the guest coming from her neighborhood. 

What I most love about being with Tia whether its 5 hours at the zoo, 3 hours at Adventure Landing, when you are in the presence of this amazing little girl, Tia shares her heart, her mind, her energy, her consideration, her appreciation, you get all of Tia. Hugs, smiles, giggling; she loves to hold hands and you can definitely see the love between her and Aunt Crystal. 

Tia is an infusion of all that matters between people, she is a reminder that the human spirit is indeed the foundation for humanity: to get along, to be caring, to enjoy, to be curious, to share opinions and perspective and most important, to prevail.  

I will never forget Tia's very serious questions a few weeks back when we went to Disney on Ice.  As soon as she got in the car and we were on our way, she wanted to be sure to know "Who is your favorite Princess?" 

Tia Angelica and Elena 

Happy "7th" Birthday Tia Angelica

Best Wishes to you Always

Your Friend, Elena