Mar 15, 2017


Every day as of late, I've made it part of my morning activities to sit quietly with Maddie, Morgan, and observe and especially listen to the wonderful songs of the mature magnolia tree that sits about 20 feet from my front door.   

(I've attached a short video, not sure if it will actually play.  I love some many aspects of these 15 or 20 minutes everyday. A gift of nature that keeps showing up outside the door ! 
If there is a big blank area above, that means the embedded video is not working, this is a current, known issue with eBlogger. ) 

I love that the early morning is so quiet

No cars, no residents walking their dogs, no landscapers, no maintenance crew, nothing or no one creating sound that interferes with the majestic magnolia that sings especially for me and the girls. The silence is loud, it's silver, morning crisp.  

I love the personality of the conductor maestro wind !  

There is never rhyme or reason, or score sheet; the cadence and carnival of the wind gusts are spontaneous, never predictable.  I've stood still for minutes on end trying to video the dance of the tree when the wind visits with fury, to no avail.  Trust me the eruptions of the majestic play, and songs of the bravado wind and breeze are wonderful.  The more I practice and invest in listening, the more I enjoy the performance. 

I love the movements of the 15 year old magnolia. 

The community was built in 2001, the tree out front has had many years to grow, mature, and practice it's routine.  I love the balance and collaboration of nature. There is sun providing light and shadow, there is wind, always there is wind. I will research why the location of this community is in the path of an always present breeze and/or wind. There is a significant body of water out back, a lake, perhaps because there is no obstruction, no buildings, or slopes, or hills, etc. we get the wind off the lake.  

Depending on the personality of the wind, the tree sometimes shakes and shivers, sometimes the movements are grand, back and forth, dramatic push and pulls. I love when the top of tree giggles, all the leaves fluttering rapidly, they create a gentle sound, a whisper, a gentle, rapid succession of taps on the kitchen table.  And the performance is never the same, always something unique, different, enchanting. 

I love the memories of trees in my life that have sang and danced, trees that have provide shelter and respite. 

My earliest memories of big, bold, beautiful trees, the mango trees in Linda Vista, the finca of my Grandpa and Grandma Arosemena in Panama. The mango trees
embedded in childhood memories of so much love. The weeks we would spend with Grandpa and Grandma Arosemena at the finca during summer vacation.  Ah.... 

The palm trees behind Ceci's kitchen in Ghana. Oh so many early evenings sitting in her open kitchen area outside, the heat of the day, challenged by the breeze in Kissemah that knew exactly how to be present within the cement walls of the Kissemah compound. There is an exact spot were you can sit and its like being next to a fan. I sat in that very same spot in January when I visited Ceci. The palm trees behind the kitchen wall confirming relief, clapping, saluting, celebrating and encouraging the wind. 

The regal, giant rubber trees in the parks of Recoleta in Buenos Aries. Magnificent sculptures of years and years of growth. I close my eyes and I can see them, giant, their strength and power, creating canyons and crevices with their roots. I love those trees. 

The palms in Punta Barco in Panama on the Pacific side of Panama.  The tiny palms in the San Blas Islands on the Atlantic side of Panama. Wether stoic and silent under a full moon, or dancing and flirtatious - palms are probably my favorites. 

And then there is the blue sky, the heavens ! 

The blue is bright, pure, fluid. I love the sky, there is no greater stage for the magnolia tree to perform on ! The mix of colors, shadows, the source of light and oxygen, the spring board for the rest of my day. 

Being still, being silent, for me it's a challenge. The type A personality that's been my constant companion for 50+ years fights these quiet moments.

I'm happy to report that the magnolia tree is starting to win me over 150% ! ! !