Feb 20, 2017

Maddie, Morgan & Prince

Maddie and Morgan are loyal shoppers at a particular Lowe's in Jacksonville. 

They know all the people who work there and they certainly know that at the FLOORING department desk the nice men that work there, they give out treats to all the canine shoppers. 

Maddie and Morgan especially like Rob, the store manager, and they give him kisses when they see him. 

The best part of visiting Lowe's is all the other shoppers. Maddie and Morgan get so much attention and love. I suggested to the store manager that Maddie and Morgan should be on the payroll, they generate so many smiles and goodwill. 

There is always questions about the girls, are they twins, are they sisters, what breed, how old, how can I tell them apart ? And always people sharing their dog stories, their photos and love love love ! 

Maddie and Morgan absolutely wear themselves out with all the attention. Usually when they get home both are ready for a long nap. 

Maddie and Morgan and Rob ! 


Lowe's is a pet friendly store. 

Long ago I heard the story about the horse visiting and I wasn't sure I believed it.  Well here is a photo to prove that Prince visited the store for sure. Maddie and Morgan would lose their minds if they saw Prince at Lowe's. 

Prince at Lowe's