Feb 24, 2017



August 1997 - Coronado Hotel - Panama 
Daughter & Father 

Elena Maria and Rogelio Augusto 


One of my all time favorite photos.  I was 39 years old, Dad was 71. 

The photo was take on the Sunday in August that Princess Diana died. 

I remember so much of that morning when the news came over the radio in my DAD's car, we where in El Valle visiting friends, the De Alba family. It was my Dad, my older brother, Roger and my niece, JoAnn. 

I love my DAD for so many reasons, probably one of the most significant: the realization over the years that as we got older, as capable and responsible as we were as adults, he never knew us any other way than as his children. 

The children he loved, cared for, was responsible for, the children he was Father and Mother to for so many years.  The love and tenderness in his heart, it never stopped being the same love that I imagine he felt the day each of us was born: Ana, Rogelio, Elena, Carlos & Tobias. 

The other significant reason that stands out, he was so much like his Mother, Grandma Chichi. He was kind, compassionate, polite, courteous, quiet, pensive. He never raised his voice, he was calm and when he wanted to, he could be very social, engaging, charming.  He loved to cook and have his family around enjoying whatever delicacy was being prepared in the kitchen.  

I miss him everyday. 

If he were alive today, I would be in Panama celebrating with him. It would be a quiet day, we would have a nice meal, one of his favorites.  

Early early in the morning we would go for a short walk, taking slow, sure steps, and yes, I would be holding his hand. Happy Birthday Dad ! I love you !