Feb 9, 2017


From L to R ... Zander, Arbie, Frankie 

Ran into this pack yesterday on my bike ride, and because I was so focused on the dogs, I forgot to ask Superman his name.  The dogs are all 10 years old, Arbie and Frankie are brothers. 

At Reddi Arts in San Marco area of Jacksonville
A very cool art store, full of surprises 


Maddie posing as Tina Turner
Morgan posing as CHER 

The dog walker, Kristen Alexander sent these yesterday. She sends a quick update via text after she walks Maddie and Morgan, (they're still in Atlanta) and she always includes photos.  Saturday I'm driving to 1/2 way to Atlanta to meet Cindy and bring the girls back to Jacksonville. 

Morgan Sofia & Maddie Louise

From Kristen, the dog walker last week
One of my all time favorite picture of the girls !