Jan 24, 2017


Today we were back at the MOP school in Ayikumah and spent most of the day with the children, teachers and staff. It was overcast, warm, a tiny bit humid. We arrived at the school around 9:30am. The children have their first break at 10am, so we spent time with them out on the school grounds, talking, taking photos, participating in their games. It always nice to have this time with them.

During their lunch break I shared photos with them via the iPad of Maddie and Morgan, my family, recent trips; they are always very interested and they love love videos. I had one video of Maddie swimming and I had to show that one 3 times. Maddie is such a good swimmer. I also shared videos of the MOP children that I've taken over the years and they really loved seeing these. I had some from 2011, they children giggled and giggled recognizing themselves 7 years younger. They had fun.

We did classroom observations and even helped out with two of the classes as 2 teachers had to step out for a few hours to represent the school in a district school meeting. It was class 4 and class 6. After school a small group of children wrote sponsor letters and by 3pm we headed back to West Legon. With the afternoon traffic the usual 55 minute drive, took an hour and 30 minutes. I'm so glad Pastor Richard is driving. The traffic was a bit thick.

Since we had a few major intersections that I know we were going to be at for sometime I made my plan to get some fresh plantain chips on the way back. The car has to be stopped long enough for the single file of vendors to pass by, the plantain chips lady was 6 or 7 deep in that line. We were at the intersection waiting for a light to make a left turn and I was able to score two bags of chips, the sweet and salty version.
And yes they were delicious ! ! !

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