Jan 26, 2017


Today, the last day of the visit, it's always tough. The children know we are leaving, the conversations are about when we will return, the hugs are longer and for some reason the last day it's always hotter.

We started early today, 5:30am wake up, to be in the car with Pastor Richard by 6:30am, to be at the school before the morning assembly. We did not make it on time, Pastor Richard's car had an issue so we were delayed by about 20 minutes. We also stopped at the Medina market to get 10 watermelons and 10 pineapples so Mama Vivian can include the fruit in the noon time lunch meal for all the children in Ayijumah for the next several days. I'd been given funds for treats for the children and opted to get fruit instead.

Today I was able to sit in all the classes and observe all the teachers and students. We had LIGHTS OUT in Ayikumah about 11am, the power outage lasted about 30 or 45 minutes. During lunch we filmed a video, I tried something different.

I set up 12 students in a panel type setting and asked them all types of questions about school, Ghana, their families, all the sponsors. I hope to make into a short video and post on YOUTUBE. The children have grown so much. Their smiles as radiant as ever ! !

It was a short visit, my main goal and objective, to see the children. It was wonderful to be at the school and be among the children, I always wish I had more time.

Ghana is certainly growing, they are all excited to see if the new president, sworn into office on January 7th will fulfill his campaign promises. From all the discussions and conversations we had regarding the new Ghana president, the list is: #1 priority to rid the country of corruption, #2 improve the work opportunities and #3 make education available to all children in Ghana. In those same conversations, comments and questions were peppered in about Donald Trump, most people we talked to had a favorable view of him.

As always I want to acknowledge and thank and share my deep appreciation with all the people, my family, my friends and co-workers who have supported the Mawvuio's children over the years. Your financial contributions are indeed making a difference in the life of the children. They are learning, they are growing and they are healthy. The children and the teachers are very appreciative. You are all included in their daily prayers. They all send greetings.

I am deeply appreciative of your support, your encouragement and your interest in these children. THANKS FROM MY HEART !

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