Jan 23, 2017


Time goes by fast, I'm behind a day on my updates.

It's Monday evening, 3 more days in Accra and then back to Jacksonville via Atlanta. I'm sure the city of Atlanta will be excited, Falcons colors and flags all over the city, they are headed to Houston for the Super Bowl.

Yesterday I spent a few hours with Ceci, visiting in her open air kitchen area. Ceci is very soft spoken, she is not over talkative. I've always felt safe and calm and welcomed in her presence. We've had to fill the air with conversation, I sat many times with her where all we did was enjoy the cool evening Kissemah breeze.

We covered all of our favorite topics, our families, always Maddie and Morgan, the pineapple "Lady" at the market, the Ghana elections in December, the weather, how she spent the holidays and we always discuss the updates on all the children of the Mawuvio's school. She got to see most of them during the holiday break when they were home for the term vacations. I will forever be grateful to Ceci for all her wonderful care during all my visits to Ghana. I was there over the noon hour and she cut up a pineapple, I enjoyed every single bite. It was delicious and refreshing.

Today we visited the Word of Faith School in Dodowa, it's about 10 minutes from the Aiykumah MOP school. I had been there before with Kwame. It's an established, well regarded, private Christian school. We stopped to see Pastor John Soudi and his team and got a tour of the school, all the classrooms, teachers. We were there early enough to participate in the Monday morning assembly, it was very nice and energizing. All of the school children sang, they were very good. You could see in the smiles and hear in their voices that they love to sing.

We visited the Mawuvio's School for a meeting with the teachers and Kwame in preparation for our visit on Tuesday and Thursday. Tomorrow Pastor Richard, who is providing the car and driver service will pick us at 8:30am and we will be in Ayikumah most of the day. We will stop at the Medina or Adenta outdoor market to get some provisions for the children.

Ghana is in their dry season, its hot. Last night there was a heavy rain over the area, lighting and thunder interrupted the night. I still have not adjusted to the 5 hours ahead; I'm wide awake at midnight and get sleepy around 3pm.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of the children tomorrow. We have several new teachers on staff, we will be visiting the classrooms and spending time with the children when they are on their breaks.