Jan 18, 2017


The wedding in Houston last week, the wedding of Annie Arendt and Daniel Cuervo was amazing. 

Annie is the daughter of our first cousin Gina Arosemena, married to Steve Arendt.  Gina is the daughter of my Dad's brother, Uncle Dick and Aunt Julie. 

We were with family, people from US, Panama, Colombia, Israel, Switzerland, surrounded by love and care and fun and memories new and old. 

It was emotional at times, all Arosemena's cry when they are making a toast or celebration speech.  

Annie and Daniel, best wishes to you for an amazing life together, ONE DAY AT A TIME. 

We are truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful and loving family.  

Annie and her DAD  ! ! 


Annie and Daniel 

L to R : Carlos, Michele, Roger, Maria Elena, Joann,
Roger IV, Ana, Parker, Elena & Tobias 

Danny, Andrea, Rossana, Tia Julie & Tobias 

Elena, JoAnn, Rogelio 3 and 4 and Maria Elena 

Elena and Tobias 

Tia Elena and Rogelio 4  on the dance floor 

Roger, Carlos and Cousin Gina - mother of the bride 

Uncle Dick, Rossana, Shirley & Ricardo