Jan 6, 2017

January 2017


Today is the first Friday of 2017 ! ! ! ! 

I'm excited for the New Year for many reasons. I like new beginnings, 7 is my all time best and favorite # and  I'm starting the new year in Florida where the temperature today in Jacksonville is forecast for 70* degrees ! ! ! 

Last year was a transition year; here I am today,  mostly settled in JAX and enjoying all that comes with being in a new city. 

I'm headed to Atlanta soon, the forecast for today and tomorrow: snow.  

Early this morning I was actually strategizing and packing for my upcoming visit to Atlanta, along with a brief visit to Houston for an Arosemena family wedding where the dress will be formal, so yes I'll be in heels and a long dress next Friday and then Ghana. 

The season in Ghana is currently the dry season, the temperatures right now averaging 90* degrees.  So my January will be warm, cold, not so cold and then hot.  

The items packed range from high heels to insect repellent to malaria pills. The flight from New York to Accra is always freezing so I have to pack the right clothes so I can stay warm during the 10 hour flight and then have clothes to change into before we land so I can be cool in the 90 degree weather. Its a system developed over 9 prior trips to Ghana and it works. 

I even packed the supplies for the art/crafts project that we will be doing with the children at the school in Ghana.  The overall lesson will be to talk about, discuss and consider LIGHT.  We will be making paper suns and paper rockets and discussing imagination, creativity, the solar system and all of the sources of LIGHT.  I'm so excited to see the children ! ! ! ! 

There will be posts and photos posted to VIP along the way. 

Happy New Year 

Best Wishes to all for 2017