Jan 22, 2017

At last, THE CHILDREN ! !

Saturday we started the day with a drive to Aiykumah, the township where the Mawuvio's boarding school is located.

The drive from West Legon is about 55 minutes depending on the traffic. Pastor Richard was right on time and our ride out there was comfortable, we discussed many things current in Ghana; we talked about Pastor Richard's family and his church, it was very pleasant.

As we got closer to the school my heart was racing a bit, I was excited, I was anticipating the smiles, the energy of the children, the heat of the day, the smell or rural Aiykumah and maybe even the songs of the frogs. All those memories racing to the front of my mind and heart, anticipation going 150MPH.

When we got to the school all the children were outside, they had just finished doing their Saturday morning laundry. We opened the car doors and the hugs began; it was WONDERFUL ! ! ! I

I don't recall the exact amount of hugs, it was 30 + plus. I even hugged the older boys who normally don't hug, we were all smiling ! ! !

The sense of joy was consuming. I had to keep taking deep breaths, I wanted the first few minutes at the school to go in slow motion, I wanted to capture each smile, each greeting, each giggle, each hand I held. The children look wonderful, healthy and certainly they are taller, all of them have grown.

We visited for about 30 minutes and then worked on an art project lesson that culminated in creating of suns made out of paper plates, straws, ribbons and stickers.

We discussed creativity, imagination. We discussed the major source of LIGHT, the sun, and the solar system and ended the lesson sharing the passage from Revelation 21:23. It was a nice time with the children, we had about a dozen of the day students join in and several of the teachers were there to help out.

After the art project was completed we spent time with the children, walking around the school, sometimes sitting under the fan in the library to cool off, sometimes out under the trees at the front of the school, enjoying the cool breeze with the small group that was there enjoying a game of jump rope.

The children then all had lunch in the outdoor area known as the summer hut. The are table and chairs and benches for all of them, they eat under the cover of a roofed structure that is open air, there is plenty of fresh air and natural light.

We stayed at the school probably for another hour and then headed back to West Legon. It was a wonderful, wonderful, joyful day ! ! !