Nov 16, 2016


L A S T N I G H T  

The moon was orange
a perfect celestial sphere
seriously round, 

It wasn’t the super moon
It was the moon, moon
The regular one

Its position in the sky
could have easily been
A prop on stage, a classic opera
the orange loud 
an extraordinary chiffon

the hue, deep, the color
of warm sharp cheddar cheese
forgotten on picnic tables
at family outings in July 

the orange globe thick
if carved with exact lines
a sky lantern for all
the invitation, no rsvp required 
and all we have to do 
is make time for splendor

I imagined walking on that
orange moon, a barefoot explorer
my entire body glowing

the perfect reflection
of color painting every inhale,
exhale, a slow, profound, ripe 
papaya orange

lungs enjoying the carnival
salutary oxygen marching
with crimson painted parasols 

Last night those tiny 
naranja moments 
grand ! 


By Elena Arosemena