Nov 15, 2016


1_ Jacksonville, Florida is the largest city in the United States, 848 square miles. The city was founded in 1822 and has a current population of 800,000 residents. 

2_ Median age of Jacksonville population is 35. 

3_ The city has the largest urban park system in the US, with over 80,000 acres of parks. 

4_ Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens is ranked as one of the top 25 zoos in the United State. 

5_ Kona Stakepark is the oldest skateboard park in the nation. I confirmed they rent roller skates there.  On my to do list for sure, to check this place out. 

6_ The Alhambra Theatre is the long running dinner theatre in the nation. 

7_ Jacksonville has 1,100 miles of shoreline and 22 miles of beaches. You will always be near the water, on the water, crossing the water, at the river or at the ocean. 

8_Some of the largest employers: the Naval Air Station, 25,000 employees. Florida Blue with 6,500 employees, Mayo Clinic with 4970. Bank of America, Citi and JP Morgan Chase combined, employ over 16,000 people. 

9_ There are 90+ licensed food trucks in Jax. 

10_Jacksonville has the oldest Farmers Market in the state of Florida, opened since 1938. 

11_ Jacksonville is the home of 10 museums including art, history, science and nature. 

11_ The Riverside Arts Market is the largest weekly festival in the state of Florida. It runs March to December under the Fuller Warren Bridge. 

12_ Best place for a Rueben Sandwich, Metro Diner, where locals eat, since 1992. 

13_ Top TripAdvisor top rated Nature and Parks activity in Jacksonville, The Catty Shack Ranch.  This is a wildlife sanctuary with 24 tigers, 5 lions, 6 cougars, 4 leopards and 1 bobcat.  The evening feeding experience is recommended in most reviews. 

14_ Some call Jacksonville, The City of Bridges.  Nine bridges are part of the city, a detailed post will follow on this topic.   

15_ The absolute best fact about Jacksonville: my sister, Ana and I are living in the same city.  It's wonderful to get in the car and be at Ana and Parker's house in about 10 minutes.  The proximity of a sibling and especially a sister, such a joy, such a blessing ! Hopefully we will be able to encourage Carlos and Michele and Tobias to consider JAX.