Nov 27, 2016

In the same breath !


On Friday, late in the day, I got this wonderful text from Danny and Andrea Arosemena, from Panama.  

The translation, "Tia we have super news, you're going to be a Tia Abuela", a Grand Aunt. 

Because I'm such a softy, emotional type, I immediately smiled, my eyes filled with tears of joy.  I texted Danny and Andrea congratulating them and wishing them all the best.  

To think that in the same breath, the word Abuela, specifically Tia Abuela, was associated with me, I'm still thinking about the impact, the reality, the future. 

1_ First the reality, I'm old enough and certainly young at heart enough to be a Tia Abuela ~  YIKES.  When the baby is born, I will be a few months shy of 59. 

2_ Grandmothers are life gifts bestowed on children by a special OPS platoon of Angels. To think that I will be a Tia Abuela, I'm so excited. 

3_ A baby will come into the world and he or she will grow: newborn, baby, infant, toddler, little person and I will have a tiny part in this person's life.  

4_ Knowing and loving this child will give me the opportunity to experience 5 generations of the Arosemena Family. 

Danny, "Raul Daniel Arosemena" is the son of my first cousin, Raul Arosemena.

Raul, is the son of my Dad's brother, my uncle, Ricardo Arosemena. 

Uncle Ricardo is the son of my Grandfather, Rogelio A. Arosemena. 

The baby, boy or girl, will be a 5th generation Arosemena.  How exciting, the opportunity to know and love and be a part of this young person's life, what an honor and privilege.  

Danny and Andrea: I love you both very much and I'm so happy for the news your shared on Friday. I look forward to seeing you in January in Houston at the wedding of Annie and Daniel. 

Be well and take great care of yourselves, especially the MOMMY TO BE, Andrea. 

Con Mucho Carino ! ! 

Tia Elena and soon to be Tia Abuela Elena