Nov 10, 2016



One Nation under God


with liberty and justice for all ! 

Everyone has an opinion, everyone has perspective, hopefully everyone has capacity for thoughtful reflection.  

Whether you voted for Clinton or for Trump or you voted against Clinton or against Trump, your vote counts !  

Our collective ability to live and breathe and participate in the democratic process is what wins for us all.  

The government has check and balances, there are branches of government that protect and guard the balance of power.  

We have to gather, commune, communicate, collaborate, challenge and demand the best from each other: family, brothers, sisters, friends, teachers, carpenters, congressional representatives, senators, governors, pastors, police, military forces, everyone ! ! !  

Let's move forward one day at a time, with one goal in mind: being responsible, concerned and compassionate citizens of the greatest republic on the planet. 

And know that on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, we all get the opportunity to vote again.