Nov 25, 2016


It's been a long time, way too long. I was last in Ghana in September and October of 2015. To be exact I flew back to Atlanta from Accra on October 3rd, 2015.  

It's been 418 days. Since my initial visit in 2011, this is the longest time I'v not been back. Prior to this year, I averaged 2 visits per year. 

The kindergarten class I first met in 2011, they are now in 4th grade. 

I can easily close my eyes and see them on the porch of Ceci's home in Kissemah; an eager young boy named Elijah, doing his A B C's, 1 2 3 - my favorite memory when he would recite three letter words.  

His tiny, deep voice, firm, determined, a bit raspy at times.  You could clearly hear the cadence of a determine child so eager to learn. When I visit in January, he is now in Teacher Pau's class, the 4th grade. His brother, Joshua, now in 5th grade. 

 B O Y - Boy  
C A T - Cat  
  D O G - Dog 

ELIJAH in 2012 

I have confirmed reservations on Delta for a January visit. I'm excited, the children know I'm coming.  I will be traveling with my dear friend, Kimberly Edmunds, she's visited Ghana several times during the past few years also. 

The # goal of this visit, to see the children, visit the children, hang out with the children. I plan to take lots and lots of photographs and share the comparison photos of 4 years ago photo vs what the children today.  They are indeed learning and growing. 

Ghana will have a new president or a reelected president by then. Their elections are December 7th.  The currency exchange rage is $1 US DOLLAR = 4 Ghana Cedi's. 

My heart is filled with love for these children. 

The memories, the stories, the heartaches, the frustrations, the realities, the lessons, the friendships, the potential of this generation. 

I'm so excited I'll get to see and be with the children of Mawuvio's soon.