Oct 26, 2016



I remember not long ago, I wanted to be 18, so I could be a senior in high school, a 1977 John F. Kennedy High School, senior, a SPARTAN. So I could sit in the senior well in the library and be a guardian of the senior lawn on the JFK campus. In 1977 we lived in Barstow, CA.  I was Senior Class President and thoroughly enjoyed my high school years. 

Senior Picture - 1976-1977

Then I wanted to be 21 

I wanted to be e of legal age to purchase alcohol.  HMMMMM - such an over rated hyped activity. For that milestone birthday, I was living in Northridge, CA going to California State University at Northridge, in the San Fernando Valley, just above Los Angeles. I worked part time at a Hallmark store and two of the ladies I worked with, Rene MacNeilage and Edie Kent took me to dinner to Marie Calendars and I had a strawberry Margarita.  Or maybe it was El Toritos.  Rene and Edie were like Mom's ! I worked with them at the card store for the three  years that I was at CSUN. 

Then I was 30 !  

I celebrated my 30th birthday in San Marcos, California - with family, dear friends. I know there is pictures somewhere of that event.  My dear, dear friend, Donna Hanson was vibrant and healthy at that party. Her parents, Don and Nancy from Barstow, came down to Vista for the weekend to join in the celebration. That was in 1988, Donna died of ovarian cancer six years later in November of 1994. 

30th BDAY Weekend, October - 1988
San Diego, CA

I don't recall my 40th birthday celebration in 1998. 

At that time I was living in Atlanta, GA. with Carlos and Michele, working on a special project for Cox,  the launch of a new product called Cox @ Home, the high speed data service that would connect all the Cox customers to the internet.  The first residential installation for Cox was in December of 1996, the customer was in Orange County, CA, the install took almost 6 hours.  In contrast a few weeks ago, I did a self install with my Comcast modem and cable boxes here in Jacksonville. All the steps self guided with prompts, confirmations, took me about 20 minutes. And I have one of those remotes that I can talk to and it finds programs, channels, it's amazing. 

Carlos, Tobias, Ana and Roger during BDay Toast.
 Maria Elena, Roger's wife in the foreground 

In 2008 I celebrated my 50th Birthday in Atlanta. 

I planned a weekend long celebration and had a wonderful time with family and friends. That birthday was special for so many reasons. I was going to be 50, YIKES ! ! !  Roger visited from Panama with his soon to be wife, Maria Elena Sucre, that was the first time we all met Mari and we all fell in love with her.  And dear dear friends came from all over to celebrate, I was honored and deeply touched ! !  And the party at Maggie and Lew Bellville's was a blast. 

And this October 24th, 58 years young ! 

I will be joining the 60 club one day soon. I'm one of those creatures that loves to reflect and I find myself thinking, S I X T Y, really, can that be possible that one day soon, time will march and get me to that milestone birthday. 

I thank God everyday when I wake up that I'm healthy and that I have been blessed with such a wonderful family and dear, life long friends.  

The little girl in the photo below, Elena celebrating her 2nd birthday in 1960 in the Canal Zone in Panama, certainly has grown up. 

Ana is the animated one in the photo holding my hand. My Mom, is to the right, looking at me and Tia Julie and my cousin, Rosana are on my left. Uncle Ricardo is next to Aunt Julie and my Grandpa Rogelio and Roger and to the left of my MOM. Next to Uncle Ricardo, my cousin, Ricardo. 

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes, the phone calls, the cards, the texts, the posts on Facebook.  Thanks from my heart.  

The BDAY message that brought me to tears of JOY JOY JOY, the 14 second video from Ghana that follows: