Oct 5, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Art

Blue is my favorite color. 
I love the swirl patterns and the different shade of 
blue. The view of the hurricane from above is almost calming. 

I am new to Florida, new as in I just arrived Monday.  

All my Atlanta obligations taken care of.  On Monday my car was packed in ways that were creative, Maddie and Morgan were comfortable, but it was a tight fit. They usually fall fast asleep and enjoy a long long nap. 

My first Floridian lesson, courtesy of Hurricane Matthew.  

I know now what NOAA stands for, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The updates they provide are amazing, so much information, so precise, tactical and always great models and pictures of the hurricane.  I'm digesting as if preparing for an exam.  

I'm learning about the eye, the walls, which side of the rotations, east or west are more powerful, which deliver more water vs. wind. In other oceans, hurricanes are referred to as cyclones and typhoons. The naming practice started in the early 1900 and historic destructive hurricanes like Katrina, those names are retired, never to be used again. 

In my immediate ares in Jacksonville  9.1 miles from the beach, the forecast is for 35 to 75 MPH winds. At Jacksonville Beach, the forecast is for 125MPH winds, maybe a bit less or a bit more.  The eye is forecast to pass closest to JAX around 8pm on Friday night, certainly the winds and rain will come starting Friday morning. 

I have my hurricane supplies: water, batteries, candles, matches, gas in the car, a power pack for mobile phone and cash.  Yesterday when I went to the grocery store, I had just listened to an update from Governor Rick Scott and I was anxious. 

My groceries were certainly a reflection of all the uncertainty and apprehension. Besides the normal groceries, water, milk, bananas, these items snuck into the cart: macaroni and cheese, fresh Sushi and mini Snickers candy bars. My go to stress relievers, its always been food. Maddie and Morgan have all their supplies, they wont be happy to go out in the winds and rain, we will certainly manage. 

And the white noise machine came for Maddie. I will write an update on this tiny device that hopefully will help both Maddie and Morgan with their fear of the noises associated with big storms.  It has 10 different settings for FAN sounds and 10 different settings for WHITE NOISE.  I think it's going to work. I will keep you posted. 

This picture of the hurricane from high above earth, angry, scary, 
very Halloween like. 

One of my favorite images of the storm; 
there is certainly beauty in the force of nature. 

Below are the wind speed definitions for each category.  Matthew is supposed to be at Category 3 or 4 as it passes the Jacksonville Coast.   

As along as I have power I will provide updates.