Oct 6, 2016

E V A C U A T E !


Thanks to all who reached out, sent text messages, called, emailed - regarding our well-being and Hurricane Matthew. 

Maddie and Morgan and I are headed to Atlanta in about an hour.  

As prepared as we are for the storm, we would rather not be here.  

The current models are calling for stronger winds, increased storm surge and the are certain to be wide spread power outages, etc.  And Monday is forecast as a sunny day, no rain and temps in the 80*s.  

I gave my key and garage beeper to a wonderful couple that welcomed me the first day I moved in, they are going to be here and will park one of their cars in my garage.  They been through several hurricanes, they used to live in Galveston, Texas, they are not as anxious as I am. 

Life, always an adventure ! ! !