Oct 18, 2016

Confession and More


I've been here on-going since the Sunday after the hurricane, Sunday October 9th, so 9 days. It did not take long. Today I decided to go all out and be a Floridian in some respects. 

I went out and did errands in my blue flip-flops.  While it feels like being undressed, I am going to get used to this fashion practice rather quickly. 

I went to my sister's house, to the Jacksonville Library and to the Post Office. At the post office I was happy to see that out of 14 people in line, 7 had on flip flops, both men and women. And yes I am referring to the the thin rubber, good old fashioned flip flops or as we say in Panama CHANCLETAS ! ! !  

Not safe shoes, not fashionable shoes, certainly they work in the hot Florida sun. At some point in the near future it will cool down and I will be back to my regular retirement shoes, SKETCHERS ! ! ! 



Today I got my Jacksonville Library Card, there is a huge library 1 minute from Ana and Parker's house. I was able to get my card and learn a bit about how to check out books, return them, etc. You can have up to 50 books at any one time, for 21 days.  I am so excited, reading is one of my favorite activities.  

Today I checked out a book recommended by my dear friend, Billie Lange, The Last Town on Earth by Thomas Mullen. The book is a hard cover edition, in excellent condition, a real book ! I'm going to become a frequent flyer at the library for sure. The nice lady who helped me with the card, made sure to let me that there is another branch within walking distance of where I live.  HORRAY HORRAY ! 


I made the deadline today, I turned in the appropriate forms to Duval County so I can vote in November.  That decision will not be easy. 

As I was driving home I was excited, thinking about the freedom and ability to get most any book and read it for free. I was thinking about the freedom to vote, the exercise to affect in some small way the democracy that is available to all US Citizens on election date.  I was thinking how wonderful and indeed great this country is and how fortunate we all are  to live in a relatively safe and peaceful environment. And to that I can add that I live in a warm state where I can wear flip flops ! ! !  


Most everywhere I go, especially a new area, city, I try to be as observant as I can. I love to see details, little things, colors, patterns, and always there is people. My Grandpa Rogelio was a big fan of people watching, I think of him often when I'm doing this in earnest. 

Anytime I've been to a beach city or town, there is always men in white T=shirts and shorts riding beach cruisers.  At all hours of the day, 7 days a week, on their way to somewhere. Last week when I was at the beach in the cold rain, I saw 2 guys on beach cruisers, in the rain, in their shorts and white T-shirts, not in any hurry to get shelter. The man I spotted today, he was on BEACH BLVD of all places, one of the busiest streets in all of JAX. He was probably 7 miles from the actual beach. I'm thinking there must be a secret society or club of Men on Beach Cruisers, perhaps with a code of conduct, certainly a dress code. Their motto, KEEP RIDING !