Oct 11, 2016


I was back in Jacksonville on Sunday about 1pm.  Everyone I talked to, everywhere I've been people are still commenting on the slight bend, the near miss, the 8 to 10 mile move eastward of Hurricane Matthew. 

Everyone in the immediate area happy that Jacksonville was not impacted as bad as forecasted. 

In the community where I live there are hundreds of trees, two of them had a slight bend, like if a giant had leaned on them; they moved a tiny bit off center. I had towels in all my window sills and not a drop of water. One of the neighbors told me she dared not post on FB that she never lost power, she had many friends and relatives farther up the coast that were still wihout power yesterady. 

The force of nature, so devastating and yet so random. As much as the path was predicted, many people were relieved and many suffered great losses. And to think of places like Haiti, ravaged one side of the island. 

I think the seaon for hurricane events runs through November, I will confirm.  

Part of me would have loved to have stayed in Jacksonville to witness the wind. 

I love wind, all types and personalities: breaths, whispers,  breeze, swirls, and yes even strong gusts.  And the sound, the volume, the concerto of force, invisible yet present front row and center.  When I lived in Barstow, CA I was in a windstorm were the gusts were measured at 100MPH, it was wild. Ofcourse the visibility was almost zero due to all the desert sand blowing; the wind storm was  amazing.  It packted 2 feet of sand in the bottom of our swimming pool 
and two inches of sand on all the window sills around the house.  

Maddie and Morgan would have been anxious. They dont like loud rain and howling winds. As of late Morgan has reacted to strong storms by trembling and wanting to sit right next to me and be comforted. Maddie has always disliked any noises of any kind, not sure even the white noise machine would have helped.  

Tomorrow I'm going to venture to Atlantic and Neptune and Jacsonville Beach to see the ocean, to smell the salt, to feel the breeze up close and personal. 

I continue to be thankful to all who reached out to check on me and the girls.  I appreciate your love, care and concern.