Sep 24, 2016


I try to as often as I can to give myself a gift everyone morning.  The gift exactly is being still, physically and emotionally.

I try as much as I can to turn off my mind and turn on the gift of stillness where the only considerations are appreciation and prayer.

My DNA is steady and disciplined in early rising. It’s who I am, part JoAnn, part Rogelio, my parents, both high-energy, early risers their entire lives.

And with the internal canine clocks of Maddie and Morgan, 6am is always the start of day, punctual 6am no matter the day or location of where we are staying. 

The routine consist of a few canine kisses and getting the girls taken care of: doing their business outside and feeding them breakfast. Once these activities are over, they both know MOM makes herself a cappuccino. This is when the stillness begins.

The last few days I’ve been fortunate enough to sit out back in Carlos and Michele’s patio over looking green, green, green: trees, grass, bushes, bonsai’s. I’ve spied on birds making their way to the feeder and squirrels racing around the yard thinking their invisible.  Today a few leaf blowers invaded the stillness, tomorrow they should be absent for sure.  

It’s amazing how the 15, 20, 30 minutes of repose, exponentially impacts my day.

I know for sure the days I miss the gift.  

Stillness and silence: they make way for me, opening a door of care, comfort, & peace.  I sometimes crave silence and embrace solitude, the ability to refresh, replenish, renew, it works for me.

My wish is that you give yourself this gift, regardless of the time of day, regardless of the shape or form.