Sep 27, 2016

JoAnn Catherine Arosemena Rodewald



This photo is on my iMac, its been on my PC as the home screen photograph since 2008 when I purchased the computer. Everytime I sign on I see her face, her smile, beautiful, determined, I feel her love, her capacity. 

I love this photo for so many reasons.  

The festivity, the house at Herrick Road in the Canal Zone, simple, old, elegant  I love her beautiful dress, the celebration "at their home" in the Panama Canal Zone, this was taken probably 1958, 1959. 

Imagine, a young girl from a rural farming town in Iowa, Rockwell City, immersed in a world so different and far away in the tiny Republic of Panama.  

The dinner and salad plates in the photograph are now with my brother Roger and Carlos.    

Mom and Dad, JoAnn Catherine & Rogelio Augusto. The photo take in Panama at our house in Altos del Golf, sometime in the late 1960's. This is the house we lived in before we moved to the US is 1970. 

This photo I'm sure was their place in Rochester, Minnesota after her and Dad got married in 1954. They lived in Rochester while my DAD was completing his internship at the Mayo Clinic. 

Photo take in Barstow, CA. at our home on 404 Fenoak Drive. 

Photo taken in 1972, two years before she died, in 1972. She loved us so very much. I can't begin to imagine the pain and anguish in a Mother's heart when they know they're going to leave their children. 

The MOM in this photo, our wonderful Mother, JoAnn, this is the MOM I've referred to many times as the "Kool-Aid" Mom. She was so much fun. She enjoyed us, her children. We had outings at the Linda Vista Finca every Sunday. 

The photo above is at Grandpa and Grandma Arosemena's in Panama, Carlos,  Elena and Mom, ready for a swim race. 

I remember the trips to Fort Amador so we could swim at the beach, swimming lessons at the Olympic Pool in Panama.  Every Friday night when we were old enough, she packed as many kids as she could in the station wagon and we went to the Roller Rink in the Canal Zone for Friday Night Roller Skating, it was so cool.  And yes in those days, there was always KOOL AID.  

Mom, I love you and miss you EVERYDAY !  Happy Birthday !