Jun 3, 2016


"Lets say you’re in front of a landscape.

As you approach it, you cease to see the landscape itself. 

As you get closer, all you see is the material that was arranged to be the landscape. You see material. 

When you go back, you see something literally ....a product of someone’s mind.

You see mind.

And as you go closer you see matter, and in between mind and matter
there is a moment, 

a very delicate and sublime moment,  where you cross
this threshold between what’s inside of you and the world of things that are
supposed to be understood, the world of materials, 

things that are mundane and they do not necessarily have to have any meaning.

The experience of art lies not on in either side of this bargain, 
but in the precise moment 
when something turns into something else".

                                                                             Vik Muniz 

Currently at the HIGH MUSEUM IN ATLANTA, GA through mid August