Jun 16, 2016


Riley Rocket is so different from Maddie and Morgan, I guess just like people are different. Some of the major differences:

+ Riley is a Yorkie, Maddie and Morgan are Welsh Corgi's.

+ Riley weighs about 5 lbs, Maddie and Morgan about 26 lbs. 

+ Riley does not shed. Maddie and Morgan shed ! 

+  Riley is not food motivated.  She eats when she she wants to, all throughout the day. Maddie and Morgan love to eat, just like me.  And their's no grazing in their DNA, they eat very fast, Morgan usually inhales her food. 

R I L E Y *  R O C K E T * B R A D L E Y


+ Riley is not afraid of thunder.  Maddie is very afraid, Morgan somewhat afraid. 

+ Riley does not like to swim.  Maddie is a fish and Morgan tries to be a fish. 

+ Riley is noise sensitive, she always announces any activity in an around the house and especially outside by barking. Maddie does the same. Morgan does not react to noises as much as she reacts to other dogs. 

+ Riley loves to play ball.  Maddie does not. Morgan and Riley have had issues in the past when chasing after the same ball.  

+ Riley is not interested in the least in the little geckos that run around all Florida backyards. Maddie and Morgan would lose their mind chasing the little guys and gals around. 

+ Riley certainly has more toys and outfits than Maddie and Morgan. Her favorite toy is Charlie, a big stuffed dog, about 3 times her size. 

Certainly all three of them have great lives and are loved loved loved.  

I miss the girls so much. Cindy is taking care of them in Atlanta. I talk to them on the phone and via FaceTime. 

I know Riley misses her Mom and Dad. 

I see her everyday looking at the door to the garage, waiting, anticipating that they will come through the hallway anytime.  Yesterday she heard their voices on the phone and she was excited. 

Amazing how these canines can become such a significant part of our lives. 

Morgan Sofia (L) and Maddie Louise (R)