Jun 6, 2016


Earlier Today @ 7:30am 


It was dark earlier today, Tropical Storm Colin passed over Shalimar and a hint, just a tiny hint of blue is starting to light up the sky. It's 12pm local time.

Earlier the day woke thick and cloudy, the gray colors in several tones or bands.  The color across the water was majestic, a giant tunic of some lost constellation Lord. The gray skies  apprehensive, the part of the storm that passed over Shalimar was shy and Riley and I were happy about that.  

This day a perfect background for rest, repose, reading and some vintage tunes from EWF.  

And yes there is always correspondence on days like these. Any opportunity of quiet, reflective time is most always accompanied by LETTERS, missives of the heart and mind.  

It will be nice to share in the different personas of the ocean this week, by WED the forecast calls for sunny skies and if there's little wind, the bay will be clear.  

Anticipation ..... sometimes the little kid inside my heart grows anxious, the moments of wonder, awe, all with due time.