Jun 15, 2016



Last Saturday I went on an adventure with my dear friend, Debbie.  We took a catamaran out of Fort Walton and went out not too far from the coastline and saw dolphins.  It was amazing, at one point I counted 11 dolphins within 10 to 15 feet from the catamaran.  

Cattywampus Eco Adventures 

We were in and around the dolphins for about 20 to 25 minutes, my favorite memory a Mama dolphin swimming with her baby dolphin. Baby dolphins are called calfs or pups, all I could think of when I saw them swimming so close near the boat, how much Maddie would have loved to be in the water with the mama and her baby. Baby dolphins stay with their MOM's for 3 to 5 years, getting all the training they need to be able to manage on their own.  

We were on the catamaran with 14 other people so there was ample room to move around and follow all the dolphins as they swam around us, there were also other boats around, Captain Tony tried his best to keep us close.  I was in such AWE, the day bright, the water crystal clear and these majestic creatures were hanging out with us.  Or we were hanging out with them.  It was great ! 

And then there is ELVIS !  

Elvis and Scott 

Elvis is trained as a hunting dog, he has to know when and what bird to retrieve.  Scott works with him consistently practicing all the commands and different scenarios, 
1 bird, 2 birds, 3 birds, no birds, etc.   

Elvis loves the water, you can see it in his face when he comes back after retrieving the baton. He is such a calm dog, always watching and waiting for Scott to give him the commands.  
He is just over a year old. 

The splash in the water always fun, energizing, celebratory.

It was a cloudy this morning when I took these photos of Elvis.  I will take a photo of Elvis close up when the sun is shining bright, he is such a handsome dog.  Maddie and Elvis would be pals in no time.