Jun 5, 2016

24 Days


R I L EY    R O C K E T   B R A D L E Y 

For the next 24 days it's me and "The Rocket" - Ana and Parker's Yorkie, Riley Rocket. 

For the next 24 days it's me and the sky, the palm trees, the wind and the salt and the ocean, the clouds, sunrises, sunsets, storms. 

I'm looking forward to every manifestation of MOTHER NATURE.  A full moon will make its presence on June 20th, one of my favorite times, when her presence reminds the world of true majesty and beauty.  

Hopefully there will be numerous kayak outings in the bay and maybe a few visitors, in the past I've seen dolphins and manta rays.  I have books, movies, music, correspondence and a few creative projects.  Maybe a poem or two will surprise. 

One day at a time ! 

 Ana and Parker's Back Patio Area 

Riley and all her Friends 

"For whatever we lose (like you and me)
It's always ourselves we find in the sea." 

                                      - e.e. cummings