May 7, 2016


For Pietra 

Earlier this week, my dear friend, Pierr Morgan celebrated her birthday. Pierr is an artist extraordinaire and one of the most gentle wise spirits I've ever met in my life.  If everyone could have a friend like Pierr, the world would be a better place. 

I've known Pierr since 2005/2006, I met her via the MFA Program at Queens University. I had the great fortune of visiting her in Washington in that same timeframe, some 9 or 10 years ago. 

During my visit we had a wonderful morning walk on a beach close to her house, I remember it as Driftwood Beach, not sure if that is the official name.  

Whidbey Island - Washington 

It was such an amazing place, a stretch of beach off the coast of the Whidbey Island. From what I recall, because of how the sea currents flow in the area, Driftwood Beach is a natural resting place or parking garage for the most wonderful collection of driftwood. And I mean driftwood everywhere. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when we were walking. There was driftwood everywhere, different shapes, sizes, formations, thickness, some big trunks, others frail tiny pieces. There were perfect formations stacked like sculptures many pointing straight up towards the heavens.  It was like pick up sticks, the size of a football field. And the best part of the walk that day, we were the only ones on the beach.  

I picked up only one piece of wood. The shape called my attention, perhaps the broken wing of an Angel, or maybe the eye socket of giant sea creature.  This small piece of driftwood for me a treasure. 

In the photos below the piece of driftwood from Whidbey Island hangs. Its been in my backyard in Atlanta, going on 10 years. 

Rain, shine, sun, snow, it's weathered all manifestations of hot, cold, dry, humidity, wind; the piece of driftwood still intact. 

Driftwood in Blue 


Driftwood & Two Fish 

Driftwood Ascending in Black & White