Apr 29, 2016

The Dogs, The Dogs

I spent a significant portion of my life being scared, terrified of dogs, especially big dogs. 

And here I am during the course of 5 days, hanging out with 5 canine friends.  A Border Collie and Australian Shepherd and three Corgi's. It's a dog's world for sure.  

They're great company, each with a unique personality and level of energy. They all are in the stages of life where after running around outside they will come in and nap and snore.  Not all at the same time. Their sounds tiny symphonies, the cadence of their breathing purposeful, determined, resting and recharging, getting ready for the next play time outside.  The water is a bit cold, otherwise Maddie would have gone swimming in the lake already. I told her next time for sure. 


Group photo ! 

Bruno, he is sweet, loving and always wants to be close.  
He doesn't like his picture taken and will always look away or turn his head. 

You can't see the color in this photo, Cody's left eye is light blue. 
He is the senior dog of the group, 15 years old, noble and a true gentleman. 

Jake is 10, he thinks he is a teenager. His priorities always, running and having fun. 
He loves to walk into the lake and get his paws and underside all wet. 

Morgan and Maddie love to visit their friends at the lake. 

There is so much to do, to see  to smell and explore.  Fun Fun Fun ~